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My daughter has become quite the little artist. She loves to color, and for her birthday we got her an easel. But every budding artist needs a smock!

The jist of this pattern/tutorial idea is from Prudent Baby’s DIY Oilcloth Art Smock.

For my pattern I used an old piece of paper from one of those jumbo coloring books. I cut out my basic shape. Since it’s not form fitting, and I want it to last a couple years, a little big isn’t a big deal 🙂

Also, as I was looking for ideas for the smock, I came across several aprons with crayon pockets. So I designed my pattern for 2 rows of pockets out of a piece of paper. I made my pattern incorporate both pieces by just having to fold the pattern for the smaller pocket.

What you need:

1 yard choice fabric (You won’t need all of it. I used some PUL I had, i’ve seen oil cloth and even a plain old tshirt!)

1/4 yard pocket material

2 packages Double-Fold Bias Tape

Ties, Velcro, or snaps

Now that we have our pattern designed and materials, you’ll need to cut 1 piece of choice fabric on the fold for the front, and two pieces (one right side one not) for back. You will want to cut 1 piece of pocket fabric on the fold for each pocket. 

We will want to hem or use bias tape on the top edge of the pockets. Once you have finished the top of the pockets, lay the top(larger) pocket on the front of our smock. Next determine how high up the top pocket the bottom(smaller) pocket will be. 1/2″ below that draw a line and pin along that line. This will be the base for the top pocket. Grab a few of your child’s art supplies and determine the size you want your dividing pockets. Mark at the base line where you want the dividing lines to be.

I used a small piece of cardboard when sewing the dividing seams between the pockets. This helped me keep a straight line without having to mark on the fabric too much. Sew from the base line to the hem line.

After you have finished the top pocket, place the bottom pocket on the top one. Pin where it should be. Once again determine the size of your dividing pockets and sew from the bottom edge to the hem line.

So at this point it should look roughly like this:

I used a bowl to give me a nice curved neckline on the front and back pieces.

Pin right sides together the front to the back pieces. I used a serging style stitch and sewed together the shoulders and sides leaving the arm holes and neck open.

Next bias tape! Only recently has bias tape and I finally worked together. If you need some help with bias tape, Prudent Baby has a great tutorial.

I began with the arm holes. You can begin wherever. The arm holes, neck, and all around the edge need bias tape. Don’t forget though, when working with the back of the smock to determine where you want your ties. If you don’t want to use ties, you can use aplix (velcro…not a big fan myself), or even snaps.

And there you go!