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I found this a while back when browsing through Pinterest

How cool is that? And something that anyone could do.

What you would need:

Slab of plywood cut to desired dimensions
Fabric of choice in desired dimensions plus 3″ all around (to wrap around the board)
Drawer pulls of choice (re-using outdated pulls would be great)
Staple Gun

I love things like this because the possibilities are endless. You could even use an old picture frame, old corkboard pin board, etc. Any accents are completely optional. And the fabric could be anything of choice, just somewhat durable to withstand the use. If you came across outdated pulls but didn’t care for the finish, you could just re-paint them with some Rustoleum. The size is completely dependant upon how many pulls you need. I have to admit a large holder might become a bit cluttered, but I think something like this in a smaller size for those most used items is clever.

This is one of my next projects, at some time this post will be updated with the tutorial. Goodness I could use the organization, plus…what a fun way to display your most used items and make them readily available!

The original site for this idea.