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Goodness, it’s been a little over a week since I’ve posted. Mid-terms were last week and had kept me pretty pre-occupied. I’m almost done…i’m almost done…haha

In what little spare time I have had, I have began working on Christmas gifts. Surprisingly I have never given handmade items for Christmas. I’ve been experimenting with various crochet stitches and patterns. I came across a beautiful crochet bracelet on Pinterest the other day. I had previously found a different bracelet, but I like the stitch on the second one better.

The first: Beginner  – Basic Crochet Bracelet – Craft Bits

The second: Intermediate – Broomstick Crochet Bracelet – Cult of Crochet

I did make both bracelets. The first is great for beginners and if you feel like widdling on something for about 30min. Though the second one seems crazy difficult, it honestly is not that bad. I did not have a large crochet hook, so I improvised with a wooden kitchen spoon. It worked at least, but I have began working on something much larger with this stitch, and I need the larger hook. So my tip of the day: Go ahead and buy the larger hook. I found this at Joann’s. It is size Q, which I guess is the largest they make, but the Cult of Crochet blog, whew…that is one big hook. So I may have to look into this more before I make my purchase.

But I will show you the bracelet I made for my daughter improvising with the wooden spoon.

Turned out pretty cute I think. I used snaps instead of buttons since this was going to be a bracelet for my 2 year old. The picture really doesn’t do it much justice. I was surpised to see how well the detail turned out.

This past weekend my husband and I went to some local craft fairs. I saw some cute items and will be conjuring up some new sewing items soon. Haha…get it…conjuring…crafty…Halloween…  😉

Happy Crafting!