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It’s November! It was quite chilly outside today. I grabbed some fresh cranberries the other day with the intention of drying them, and today seemed like a perfect day to have the smell of warm cranberries filling the house.
Not sure if you knew this, but you can dry cranberries in the oven! You do not need a dehydrator. It’s very simple, and you can control how much and what kind of sweetener (if any) you would like.

Here we go!
Dried Cranberries – In the Oven

2 qt. Water per 12 oz Fresh Cranberries
1/4 cup Sugar/Corn Syrup/Stevia/Etc
Large Cookie Sheet
Paper Towels and Parchment Paper

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees Farenheit. In a saucepan over medium heat, dissolve sweetener into water. Add cranberries. Continue over medium heat until cranberries begin to pop.

Once it seems that the cranberries have all popped, drain and allow to cool 15 minutes. Line cookie sheet with a layer of paper towels and then parchment paper. Spread cranberries on parchment paper. (Optional: Sprinkle/Drizzle a little more sweetener if desired. I drizzled some raw honey.)

Decrease oven temperature to 150 degrees Farenheit and bake cranberries between 6-10 hours depending on desired chewy/crispness.
Allow to cool and enjoy!

Pretty easy huh? Now you’ll never be tempted to buy those expensive bags of dried cranberries at the store. You can make your own, AND control how sweet they are.