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So it has been a week or so since I’ve posted last, finals are just around the corner and I am feeling the crunch in all my classes.

I know you’re thinking…’Christmas? What about Thanksgiving?’ I hate to say I don’t have time to think about it…but seriously…I don’t have time. So therefore, as time permits i’ll work on gifts or search for more ideas. Since I really shouldn’t post any completed gift ideas in case a wandering family member decides to visit this page, I’ll list some websites that i’ve found over the past week  that could help be a bit ‘inspiring’…

Christmas Gifts
48 Gifts in a Jar – Tip Junkie gives you great ideas for cakes, cookies, pies, and other gifts in a jar (other holidays/events listed as well)
Candy Cane Sugar Scrub – My Baking Heart has an easy recipe for a great peppermint scrub.
Basic Sugar Scrub – Homemade Ginger gives us the basic recipe for a sugar scrub with the option to use vanilla and essentials oils as desired.

Crochet Stitch Patterns – This site lists/links where to find tutorials on various crochet stitches (basic, lace, afghan, cluster, etc.)

For the Kids

Coloring Tote – I’ve seen many in bag form with the crayon roll on the outside and where you store your books in the bag. This is the first i’ve seen this in almost like a briefcase/trapper keeper form. (No tutorial available at this time, sorry!)



Mod Podge a Suitcase – This would be great for a little girl’s ‘dress-up trunk’. As far as a little boy, you could lay roadways on the outside (and possibly inside as well), and use the inside to store cars. The little boys option might work better with something smaller like an old briefcase. For help with Mod Podge and to make your own, check out the How-To section of my blog.

Nap Mat/Bed Roll – Nice gift for the young ones still taking naps at daycare. (I’ve even seen these made with sewing several pillows together and creating a sewing a case.


Wreath for bedroom door – This would be for a child who was a little older and into crafts. You can use scraps of fabric or ribbon. Have everything already cut out, they just assemble!  




Other misc. gift ideas:
Crochet hats, scarfs, cowls, mittens, or leg warmers – You can find tutorials everywhere for any of these. Scarfs/Cowls are very simple because you can decide on the size and then use desired crochet stitch.
Custom Artwork – Sounds scary but it’s not. You don’t need to paint like Monet to give an awesome piece to accent your recipient’s home. Checking out Pinterest’s DIY section will give you several examples.
Custom Home Decor – If you know the tastes of your recipient well, this and the previous example could be a knockout for you. Once again, checking out Pinterest’s DIY section will give you several examples.

Possibilities of course are always endless, these are just a few ideas i’ve tossed around. With the economy as it is, it’s hard to feel like you can cover everyone. Handmade, though more time consuming, can be rewarding on not only your pocketbook, but the soul. It’s the sense of creating something of use out of a mish-mash of textiles and accessories is why I enjoy it. 🙂

Happy crafting!!