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I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over 6 months…not good.

~Quick update~
I finally graduated! Proud new owner of a BSBA. AH…finally.
We moved, BUT I have a great craft room that’s adjacent to our main living so I don’t feel so secluded or neglectful of the family when I’m wanting to be a bit crafty.

~What i’ve been working on~
I’ve been playing with the Prudent Baby Snappy Toddler Dress pattern. I love this pattern, it is so versatile (easy to customize), and my daughter loves and plays easily in every dress I make from this pattern.
Not the greatest picture I’m sorry, but just a quick example. I’ve also made one with pockets in the Wow Wow Wubzy fabric seen below. It’s too cute.

On a whim one afternoon I made a few Cabbage Patch Doll diapers. My daughter kept taking her doll’s diaper off, so the sticky tabs were well…not sticky. I modeled them after the ‘disposable’ diaper that came with the doll; they need some adjusting if I end up doing a tutorial.
With the wonderful world of Pinterest, we are exposed to more and more DIY projects than we can handle. While cruising the DIY category I kept coming across making your own detergents, cleaners, and soaps. I’ve tried a few, and once I get a good recipe I’ve made consistently and enjoy I will post a tutorial on that. They are so simple and cost WAY less than store bought, it’s just finding that recipe that works. I did however find a great detergent that i’ve been using for about two months now, it also works on cloth diapers. I’m working on the tutorial and will hopefully have that linked here within a few days.

I’ve also been trying to make items out of scraps that I have. After moving and organizing my craft mess, I realized I had a ton of scraps that could be used for something. So far i’ve gotten a diaper, a Taggie stuffed Owl for an expectant friend, the doll diapers, and started a quilt. Let me say, i’ve never made a quilt, and hats off to you ladies that do. It’s been trying for some reason.

I’m hoping to get back into the swing of posting more often.

Cheers and Happy Crafting!

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