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Another wonderful project that can be made with scraps. Seriously…don’t throw them away. Normally I am all for tossing out what I don’t need. But I have found that I can almost always make something out of what seems to be worthless pieces of leftover material.

~Materials Needed~
Scraps (2 pieces 11″ x 8″ for body, 4 pieces 7″ x 4″ for wings, misc. for eyes)
Ribbon (If making Taggie style)
Wax Paper (Optional for Appliqués)

This is my pattern; for personal use only. Pattern includes 1/4″ seam allowance. This is my first attempt at posting my own sewing pattern, be gentle. 🙂

Print the pattern and cut out fabric. When laying out the wings, cut 1 out of desired fabric, FLIP THE PATTERN and cut out another wing. Repeat with contrasting fabric. Cut 2 of the eyes and pupils. Cut 1 of the beak.

Here we go!

~Eyes and Beak~
This is new to me. I’ve never done appliqués until recently and am still learning. I’m cheap, i’ll admit it. I’m not going to buy the expensive contact paper needed to do appliqués. So I Googled ‘sewing appliqués with wax paper’. I found several tutorials as well as a message board. I’m linking the message board because it includes instructions as well as chit-chat of questions/answers.

What I did is iron the shiny side of the wax paper to the wrong side of the eyes, pupils, and beak; remove the wax paper and sew in place. The wax paper is supposed to create a bit of tackiness and allows you to sew the appliqué in place easier. You can either do this or just pin it in place like a mad woman, I came up with the same results.

*Something I want to add about the appliqué. The ‘waving’ that I have in my picture with the eyes is not a good thing. You want it to lay flat. I feel there is more research needed on my part when it comes to appliqués.*

Lay one of the wings right-side up, mark in the seam allowance where you want your ribbon sewn in (optional). Make loops or leave straight desired length of ribbon and pin at marks.

Lay contrasting fabric wing right-side down on top of the other wing (so you have right-sides facing). Pin wings together.

Use a serge style stitch to sew in place from point-to-point on the outer edge of the wing only. Repeat for the other wing.

Turn the wings right-side out. Press, minding the ribbon (not all ribbon will handle the heat). Top stitch the seam. Repeat for the other wing.

~Putting it all together~
Lay the front body piece right-side up. The wings are formed to the body pattern, so it’s only a matter of deciding which fabric you’d like facing out. Placing that fabric right-side up, situate the wings til they match the body piece. Lay the back body piece right-side down, matching the front body piece. Pin together.

Use a serge style stitch to sew in place starting at the bottom of one wing, going all the way around and stopping at the bottom of the other wing. This leaves a decent gap to turn the work and fill with stuffing.

~Stuffing and Finishing~
Turn the work right-side out. The amount of stuffing is up to you. Thin and squishy, big and plumpy…it’s whatever. Once you’ve stuffed the owl, use a ladder stitch to close the remaining gap.

And there you go! A nice little Stuffed Owl Lovey made completely from scraps. If there are any questions or issues with the pattern or tutorial, please don’t hesitate to ask! Also if anyone has different appliqué instructions or any help in that area i’m all ears!

Happy Crafting!