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Yuck. Velcro. I am not a fan of Aplix. My diapers eventually look as such and worse. The Velcro loses its grip, harbors odors, plus snags in the wash. Thankfully there’s a way to salvage those old diaper covers. Removing the Velcro and replacing them with snaps is a great (and I feel longer lasting) alternative to just replacing the velcro. I’ve used this process a few times and have had no issues.

~Materials Needed~
Seam Ripper
Small Piece of PUL (or other waterproof fabric)
16 Plastic Snaps (12 Male, 4 Female)
Snap Kit (check out KAM Snaps for more information)

This is a general guide on how to fix those old covers. Measurements and amount of snaps needed will vary on size and diaper brand.

Here we go!

Most covers in the front on the inside will have a flap of PUL about 3″ covering where the Aplix had been sewn in. Fold this flap over to expose the stitching.

With your seam ripper, very carefully start removing the stitching. After the seam is removed, fold the flap back over.

Carefully cut the Aplix as close to the bias tape as possible to remove. I’ve tried removing the seam of the bias tape to completely remove the Aplix but that honestly didn’t go so well. I’d just cut the Aplix in the front. The Aplix on the tabs are a tad more tricky, but continue to remove all Aplix from the cover.
*HINT: When removing Aplix from the tabs, try starting your seam rip on a corner. It seems to be the easiest starting point.*

This will be general guide. As said earlier, measurements and number of snaps needed will vary with size and brand of diaper.
Once removed, measure and mark on the front of the diaper cover where you want your snaps to be. A good reference line is where the Aplix had originally been. The front of my cover is 9″ across. From the edge using the previous stitching as a level line, measure out 2″, mark and continue marking every 1″ until the 7″ mark. You will have 6 marks going across. Measure and mark 1″ below the top row using the first mark of the top row as your reference. Continue marking every inch 1″ below the top row so you have 6 marks going across. You should now have 2 rows of 6 marks 1″ apart.

With the cover measuring 9″ across, a 7″x2″ piece of PUL would be an adequate size for an extra layer of support for the snaps. You want something that is ‘waterproof’ (Anti-pill Fleece would probably work too). Something like cotton would just absorb and i’m pretty sure you’d get leaking as well as smells.

Lay the piece of PUL shiny side facing baby in that flap in the front. Using your snap kit, install male snaps in each mark with the male connector facing out.

When you are done it will look something like this. Just try and get the PUL centered on there as best as you can. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just help give the snaps another layer for support.

This is what it will look like from the front. Moving on to the tabs!

With the diaper laying open, use the previous stitching as a reference line. Make two marks 1″ apart. Repeat for other tab.

Install female snaps with the female connector facing up when the diaper is laid open. Repeat for other tab.

And you’re finished! Pretty easy huh? Now go dig out those old covers 🙂

Happy Crafting!!