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Isn’t he adorable! Look at that little face. This is Miller.
He was 10wks old when we got him the first week of June.

And this is him 2 months later at the beginning of August.
No joke, he’s 60lbs already at 5 months old. *sigh*….Great Dane’s just grow so fast.

Due to his size, beds are just outrageous for him. At least a good $60. I did a tester when we first got him by cutting an old body pillow in half and then sewing it to another old pillow I had. It worked, but there were dips where the pillows were sewn together. After some browsing of various blogs, it seems the best way to lessen that dip is overlapping the pillows a few inches. This will be a general how-to, pillows are all different sizes (as well as our furry friends) so you’ll need to do your own measuring.

Here we go!

~Material Needed~
2-3 Pillows depending on desired size
2-3 yds. choice fabric depending on number of pillows used (something durable!!)
Yarn and Yarn Needle (optional)

I bought my pillows new at Wal-Mart. You can use old pillows if you’d like. These were $3.58 a piece, total cost so far $10.74.

Lay your pillows side by side, measure at least a good 3″ in on each side that the pillows touch. Mark and pin in place like so.

You can either hand stitch them together or if you’d like you can machine stitch them. It’s a bit tricky but it will work. I used my machine and did a serge style stitch.

Once again you can either hand stitch this part with a needle and thread, or if you have yarn and a yarn needle you can use that. I used a yarn and yarn needle because Miller’s a big boy and can be a bit pouncy. I wanted it to be sturdy.

Starting at one end and finishing at the other, sew the two pillows together down the sides where they meet. I saw one blog that just did a securing stitch in the center where the sides meet but I just didn’t think that would be enough for our dog. You can do either.

Now you have the mattress portion done. Super easy huh? Next…the cover!

I am so proud of myself. Not only did I get one heck of a deal on my fabric, but it matches my house perfectly. I found my fabric at Wal-Mart. If you are lucky enough to have an actual Craft Section WITH Fabric at your local Wal-Mart, please go check it out! They honestly have some cute cute prints and decent prices. I got 3 yards of whatever it is for $4.50. Yep…$1.50/yd. And it wasn’t even in clearance!!! It’s some kind of woven polyester, light but durable.

I didn’t take many pictures at this point because everything is all based on your own measurements. But i’ll give you an example of mine:
For 3 pillows I needed almost all 3 yards of my fabric.
The mattress portion of the bed sewn together measured 28×48. I wanted a little wiggle room, so my top piece I made 31×51. I suggest cutting your fabric on the fold, such a life saver on big pieces like this. Now the underside of the cover I made a flap. I know I wanted it to overlap about 6″, plus I needed to account for the hems for both flaps. I like full inch hems on things like this, so with two hems I needed to add another 2.5″. So you take the 48+6+6+2.5 = 62.5″. You add 6 twice because each flap needs to overlap each other by 6″. Divide the 62.5 by 2 and you get two pieces each at 28×31.25. I really you could just cut one big piece at 28×62.5 on the fold but you would need at least another yard of fabric just to do that. So the two pieces are the best way to get the most use out of your fabric. On each flap piece, hem one side (one of the sides with the 28″ length)

Now we are ready to pin together! Lay the pieces right side together. I laid the top piece down first, right side up. Then I laid the other pieces right side down on top. Match up the outer edges and pin. Use a sturdy stitch. I did a serge style because I could tell my fabric would fray easily as well.

And there you go! Nice cozy bed…total cost was $10.74+$4.50 = $15.24 (without tax) and about 2 hours of interrupted crafting (I have a 2 year old). Not too bad considering I can easily remove the cover and wash it, plus I can always just remake the pillow portion if need be.

And the big baby testing it out. Half the time he’s on/off it even though he has plenty of room.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m sure in about 6 months i’ll be having to make a new, much larger bed. I’m thinking i’ll have to get at least 4 pillows to make his next one, but I want it to be more square than rectangular. I’ll apply the same method for the most part unless I find something better.

Happy Crafting!

(BTW – I would love to see finished projects from any of my tutorials!!)