No joke. It has been 4 years since I’ve posted on this site. During those 4 years I started and put on hold my career; I lost sight of the hobbies and people that I enjoyed in my life. Ok it sounds all gloomy but I assure you it wasn’t, just life :-). I’ve slowly started up my crafts again and feel it’s time to start posting some tutorials!

Going through the pages in my site, I realize there is quite a bit of updating to be done. I have a whole blurb on asking to join Pinterest or having someone send you an invite, do they even do that anymore? haha. So it may be a little slow going at first but I do hope to have things looking much better in the next month or so.

Now, the latest tutorial! I’m currently waiting in-between coats of coffee stain on my bike helmet rack that I’ve made out of some pallet scraps. The tutorial on DIY natural aged wood stain will be up in a few days!

Thank you all and happy crafting!